Wildlife Removal Services in Brampton

If you are a Brampton resident, then you must have to deal with the nuisance of wildlife animals sneaking into your backyard, garden and sometimes, your home. Don’t worry, Wildlife Pro is here to help you! With hundreds of satisfied clients and multiple years in the field, Wildlife Pro is the right choice for you when it comes to wildlife removal and exclusion services in Brampton. We offer the following services:

Raccoon Removal and Exclusion Services in Brampton

Raccoons not only damage your property but can also pose a severe threat to your health. Our experts in Brampton are trained in safely removing raccoons from your home to leave them in their habitat.

We also provide Raccoon exclusion services so you can say goodbye to this problem for good, keeping you and your family safe.

Brampton Squirrel Removal and Exclusion Services

Squirrels are only cute from a distance. If they end up entering your home, it is not going to be a pleasant surprise. Their squeaky noises in attic or wall just add to the misery. That’s where we come in.

Our trained staff is expert in providing Squirrel control and exclusion services in Brampton.

We will ensure that squirrels are unable to sneak inside your house again.

Brampton Squirrel Removal and Exclusion Services

Possums Removal and Exclusion Services In Brampton

For Brampton residents, it is an everyday nightmare to find possums sneaking in the garden or backyard. We are here to help you get rid of possums from your home and your life for good.

With our multiple years of experience in Possums Removal and Prevention, our experts will remove all possums from your backyard, making your home safe and secure for your family.

Birds Removal and Sanitization Services in Brampton

You may be a fan of bird-watching but bird droppings? Not at all. When birds enter your home, they leave their feces everywhere on the furniture and walls of your house. Time to make them fly away.

Our team of experts helps guarantee that birds and their nests are safely removed from your homes. Not only this, but we also take measures to prevent these birds from building nests inside your house again, keeping it clean and safe.

Rodents and Rat Removal and Prevention Services

Rodents and rats are most commonly found in Brampton homes and are hard to get rid of. You may have tried all methods and hacks trying to get rid of these creepy creatures. They are not just risky for your health, but they also damage your precious belongings.

Our expertise includes Rodent and Rat Removal and Prevention services. We make sure to use an environmentally friendly rodent removal procedure to prevent them from entering your homes in the future.

Skunk Removal and Prevention Services

There is nothing worse than a skunk spray. Imagining this stench in your house is nothing short of a nightmare. Skunks can also damage your property and pose a severe health threat.

We offer quick Skunk Removal and Prevention Services for all Brampton residents to ensure they do not have to deal with skunks in their homes again.

Bats Removal and Prevention Services

Bats are only fascinating in movies; bats in your homes are nothing but scary. If you find any bats in your Brampton home, you know who to call.

With years of experience in Bat Removal and Prevention, we provide quick and safe bat removal services at affordable rates.

Bats Removal

Expert Exclusions and Restoration Services in Brampton

When wildlife animals enter your home, they leave you with a lot of property damage. Fret not; we got your back!

We offer professional Exclusion and Restoration services to restore your house to its original form.

Our services include:

  • Roof securing
  • Ceiling Repair
  • Basement cleaning and repair
  • Deck cleaning and repair
  • Doors and windows repair

Call us today at (647) 531-9060 or visit wildlifepro.ca to book your assessment session!

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