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Get rid of raccoons in the attic

Call the leader in wildlife management services and raccoon removal today. We’ll find the entry points and seal them off to keep the raccoons out.

Raccoons are nocturnal mammals that can commonly be found throughout Canada, especially in the warmest regions near the Southern border. Urban raccoons, in particular, typically occupy less than 0.1 square kilometres. Raccoon ranges usually overlap, and they are not traditionally territorial.

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    Wildlife Control & Removal Services - Wildlife Pro

    Raccoon Trapping and Removal in the attic

    Wildlife Pro’s trained specialists will humanely remove and raccoons from the attic and roof. Raccoon removal services and dead animal disposal is done according to local laws and standards. When the animal pests have been removed, we will expertly clean and clear the affected areas to ensure your safety.

    Raccoon Prevention and Exclusions in the attic

    Wildlife Pro will repair damage made to existing entry holes. As well, to prevent future infestation, all potential entry points will be secured. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

    Commercial Get rid of raccoons in the attic Removal

    Keep Get rid of raccoons in the attic & other wild animals from your business with commercial wildlife removal services. We offer wildlife removal in the GTA for your business.

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