Wildlife Removal Services in Uxbridge

A wild animal can cause havoc in your home or commercial facility leading to costly disruptions. At Wildlife Pro, we offer same-day pest removal and control services. All you need to do is make the call.

We offer pest control and removal services covering a range of wildlife, such as:

  • Raccoons
  • Birds
  • Bats
  • Possums
  • Skunks
  • Rodents
  • Squirrels
  • Rats

These animal pests can make themselves at home and multiply quickly. Some can infiltrate your home from holes as small as a dime! Our wildlife removal and control experts can return them to the wild and take preventive measures to reduce the chances of future infestations.

Top Signs You Need Wildlife Control In Uxbridge, Ontario

Your Lawn Is Dug Up Every Day

If you see shallow holes or burrows in your lawn every day after you fix the damage, you have pests on your property. Most critters dig up dirt, looking for bugs and roots for dinner. Our team can determine the extent of the infestation by tracking the damage.

You See Critter Droppings Around Your Property

Birds and animals leave a mess everywhere. You have a pest and wildlife problem if you spot their droppings inside your property, such as in the attic, crawl spaces, the kitchen, and other places where they can find food. Our wildlife removal experts can determine which animals you are dealing with by looking at their waste.

Gnaw Marks on Food, Furniture, and Fabric

Rodents, possums, and skunks can gnaw through fabrics, wood, and other items which may be blocking access to food. Look for gnaw marks on your furniture, clothes, and food items. We can use it as a clue to track down animal pests.

Why You Should Choose Wildlife Pro


We stand by our service quality and also offer service guarantees for your peace of mind. This includes a lifetime warranty for builders and renovation companies.

Subscription-Based Services

Whether you live near the woods or in the suburbs, wildlife can find their way onto your property, searching for food and shelter. Subscribe to our wildlife removal services to save time, money, and resources.

Bird Netting Installation

Keep birds away and out of your home or business with our bird nets. Just let us know in advance, and we will send a team over at the scheduled time.

Commercial Services for Business Areas

Pests can chew through wires, desks, furniture, and other expensive office resources and this activity makes a terrible impression on clients. Our wildlife removal experts will evaluate the extent of the infestation and the types of animals they are dealing with and take removal measures accordingly on your schedule.

Same-Day Services

Removing pests ASAP is our specialty. Contact us as soon as you see any of the signs mentioned above, and we will send a team over the same day.

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Choose our wildlife control services today if you have a pest infestation or want to prevent reinfestation. Contact us for a free quote. We also offer exclusions so you can get the Ontario pest control services you need without exceeding your budget.

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