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A medium-sized cousin of all other rodents, rats are commonly found in residential and urban areas in Ontario. They have furry bodies and will appear in colours of brown, black, grey or white. Two species are prevalent; the Norway rat and the roof rat (also known as the black rat).

The Norway rat is recognizable by its heavy, stocky body, short tail, and blunt snout. The roof rat, on the other hand, has a very long tail, is leaner in the body, has a pointed snout, and large ears and eyes.

The Norway rat will dig in lawns, leaving unsightly holes. This action can also undermine foundations. Regardless of the species, rats are known to do substantial structural damage to houses and buildings by tearing up paper, cloth, and insulation for use as nesting material.

In addition, they spread diseases like salmonella and E. coli through bites, droppings, and body fluids. Indirectly, ticks and mites that nest in their fur are also dangerous to humans and pets. They are highly adaptable, often thriving in residential areas and feeding on any available food sources, as they will generally eat almost anything.

The Norway rat does tend to prefer foods with a high fat content, such as meat and grease. The roof rat is, however, partial to plant-based foods like seeds, nuts, and grains. Hence, these pests will be attracted to garbage, especially where food scraps are concerned, the overflow from bird feeders, and unattended food storage areas of all types.

Rats have short lifespans, yet reproduce rapidly with very large litters. The gestation period is only 20 to 30 days and most litters number from 6 to 12 offspring. For this reason, once a rat infestation occurs, it will grow exponentially in short order.

The Norway rat prefers to stay at ground level. They can be found in crawl spaces, basements, burrows, and near the outside walls of houses. Roof rats (much like their name implies) will nest in attics, rafters, and even in trees. Both of these species are able to squeeze through small openings in homes and buildings. Surprisingly, they can also enter through drain pipes and toilets, as they are strong swimmers.

Once firmly established inside of a home, they can be heard gnawing and marks will be evident from their habit. To prevent infestations, the homeowner can remove bird feeders, clean garbage areas regularly, cover trash cans tightly, remove standing water from the property, and trim vegetation back from the home’s exterior. Of course, if an infestation is seen or suspected, it will be an urgent matter to contact an animal removal professional.

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