Wildlife Control and Exclusion Services in Oakville

Like much of Southern Ontario, Oakville has a Humid continental climate straddling Dfa/Dfb classifications, with cold, but not extreme, winters and warm, to very warm summers. Like most lakeside municipalities on the Great Lakes, there are varying temperatures within town boundaries, generally warmer days further from the lake, the exception being on the colder days in winter.

It wouldn’t be new for people of Oakville to find some animal or wildlife randomly in their backyard. It is quite a common sight. Having wildlife breaching your home’s premises is dangerous for your family and destructive for property and furniture.

Regarding professional companies preventing wildlife from entering your homes Wildlife Pro has made its name in providing quality services in Oakville and the GTA.

They have become the most popular company for removing wildlife from your properties using the most efficient methodologies without harming the animals and ensuring their safe exit with no safety precautions.

Call (647) 531-9060 to schedule an appointment with our wildlife experts.

Raccoon Removal services in Oakville

Finding raccoons on your property in can be harmful and dangerous for your health. Raccoons are not precisely human-friendly, and they might even attack you when they sense danger. Raccoons are nasty, smelly, and can even damage property.

If you find a raccoon exploring your backyard in Oakville, all you need to do is to call us immediately, book an appointment and we will help to get rid of it.

Our professional wildlife removal team in Oakville is highly trained and will ensure the safest removal of raccoons from your residential property. Our team will not only remove raccoons but also offer your raccoon exclusion services, so raccoons may never return.

Squirrel Control in Oakville

If squirrels have invaded your home in Oakville, then be prepared for some stolen items. These cute little squirrels steal from bird feeders and your pantries. Squirrels can often be a trouble-maker for you.

You need to call us and get rid of squirrels via our professional services at an affordable cost.

No More Possums in Your Home

Calling possums a nightmare wouldn’t be an exaggerated statement. Anyone living in Oakville can relate to this.

As soon as you spot a possum, contact us immediately to get professional help to have your house cleaned from possums in a way that isn’t harmful to any party.

bird control, bird netting for balconies in Oakville

Sometimes we love feeding birds, and it’s a great act of kindness towards these little living things. However, when the birds start to enter your house and decorate your attic with random feces splatter, it’s time to get rid of them; this intervention becomes intolerable and nasty.

We have professionals that will get 100% rid of any birds in your residence. Our professional prevention techniques ensure these birds do not form their nests inside your homes.

No More Rat/Rodents in Oakville

Rodents and rats are very commonly and extensively found in Oakville. Good news for you is that getting rid of them is not impossible.

A professional help from us and some environment-friendly rats and rodent removal methods will ensure the complete removal of rodents and rats from your house at an affordable cost.

Skunk Control in Oakville

Call immediately if you spot a skunk in your home; it’s an emergency! Skunks attack humans and can be seriously dangerous. Our professional team ensures they are removed safely from your property in Oakville at a competitive cost.

Bat Removal Services in Oakville

Bat Removal Services in Oakville

Finding a bat in your house is extremely scary. Dangerous being one part, but having witnessed all the vampires turning into bats, it scares your entire


Our wildlife professionals ensure to safely exterminate bats from your house while also ensuring that these wild flying bats would never be able to make it inside your home again.

Professional Exclusion Services in Oakville

The prevention services with warranty are also available to residence of Oakville, due to wildlife infestation, we like to offer our wildlife exclusions services with life time warranty, please contact our sales team to learn more about it.

Our wildlife specialist will install Netting and screening meshes on the balcony and secure the vents and chimney caps if necessary.

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