Commercial Wildlife Exclusion Services in Toronto and the GTA

Wildlife Pro provides commercial wildlife control services in Toronto and the surrounding GTA areas including Mississauga, Vaughan, Markham, and Burlington. We remove raccoons, squirrels, birds, bats, skunks, rodents, and possums from your commercial properties.

Wildlife encroachment on your commercial or industrial property can affect your business operations if not dealt with quickly. Not only can wildlife hinder the safety of your workforce, but can also kill your business. With Wildlife Pro’s commercial solutions, you can solve your wildlife problems quickly and cost-effectively.

VIP Service for Commercial Accounts

Wildlife Pro takes a comprehensive approach to commercial services, providing businesses with first-class wildlife control solutions. With our new offer of a free inspection (valued at $200 to $300) with no obligation, businesses can experience the expertise of Wildlife Pro without any initial financial commitment. This allows businesses to assess the effectiveness of our services and make an informed decision about switching to Wildlife Pro for ongoing wildlife control services.

In addition to waiving the basic setup fee, Wildlife Pro also offers an extra perk for businesses that choose to switch to their services. We provide a second inspection as a complementary service. The first three months of the program will include two visits. This ensures that businesses receive regular and thorough monitoring of their premises to detect any signs of wildlife activity and address them promptly. By offering this additional service, we demonstrate our commitment to providing comprehensive and ongoing support to our commercial clients.

Furthermore, Wildlife Pro understands the importance of immediate assistance in emergency situations. For commercial accounts, we provide a 24/7 emergency contact service in Toronto and the GTA. This means that businesses can rely on Wildlife Pro for timely assistance in dealing with wildlife-related emergencies, ensuring minimal disruption to their operations and the safety of their employees and customers. With our dedicated emergency response team, we aim to provide peace of mind to commercial clients, knowing that help is just a phone call away.

Wildlife Management for Municipalities

Wildlife doesn’t care about events organised by any town’s municipality or government. That is why there needs to be a contingency plan for wildlife exclusion to make sure that the people of the city or town feel welcome and safe during cultural or business events.

With Wildlife Pro, you can trust our professional wildlife exclusion team with 10 plus years of experience under their belts. Not only that, but we are also licensed to take care of all your wildlife removal and exclusion needs, no matter if it requires working at heights or even elevated platforms.

Here are a few snapshots of our previous work for the City of Mississauga.

Whether your city’s events take place in a closed arena, or in an open-air setting, wildlife exclusion makes it difficult for wild animals to break in and build their nesting areas. This can be done in a humane and effective manner, without harming the wild animals. Currently, we offer wildlife exclusion services for municipalities through:

  • Metal fencing and/or wire meshing
  • Wildlife prevention grade caulking
  • Wood, metal, and shingles

Wildlife Exclusion Services We Provide

Our wildlife exclusion services are the most in-demand services all over the GTA. We have helped corporations, government agencies, municipalities, and businesses in creating and implementing wildlife exclusion plans over the past 5 years. Wildlife exclusion helps manage wildlife without trapping or using poisonous alternatives and is therefore more humane and effective. Currently, we provide wildlife exclusion services for these animals:

Commercial Services for Raccoon Exclusion

Raccoons usually prefer warm and dry areas in which to take up residence including roofs, crawl spaces, sheds, chimneys, and attics. Raccoons are very detrimental to your business as they can tear into the insulation around any commercial property to make their nests. Raccoons are also known to be aggressive and can spread rabies, so it is important that in the case of an infestation, a team of professionals is called for their removal.

commercial raccoon removal

Commercial Services for Squirrel Exclusion

Squirrels are classified as rodents, and they often chew into the areas where they build their nests. A squirrel’s nesting space may include walls, chimneys, roof vents, and even attic spaces. Recently, squirrels caused a power outage in a town of around 10,000 people in North Carolina, bringing down critical city infrastructure by chewing on wires in an electrical substation. Therefore, it is important that cities and municipalities make sure that they are prepared for such rodent infestations.

Squirrel Exclusion Services in Toronto

Commercial Services for Bird Exclusion

Birds usually nest in chimneys, vents, roof eaves, and other parts of a building’s exterior. For example, birds often nest and deface signs and billboards which can permanently damage them because of the acidic nature of their droppings. Our exclusion services make sure that we identify prominent areas that might be affected with birds and nests and proactively work to install bird deterrents.

Commercial Services for Bat Exclusion

Bats usually take up residence in overhanging ledges or porch roofs, and even basements, or underground parking lots. Since a bat infestation could be dangerous under certain conditions, you must be careful when planning an exclusion since they are a protected diverse species. Our exclusion experts have helped municipalities to plan and prevent such infestations.

Commercial Services for Skunk Exclusion

Skunks are notorious as they usually make their dens under structures with weak foundations like decks, sheds, and/or porches. Any municipality or government program should always account for an exclusion plan that takes skunks into consideration as their foul smells can be a huge letdown for the public.

Commercial Services for Rat Exclusion

Rats can cause salmonella and E. coli infections through bites, droppings, and body fluids. They are highly adaptable and can reside in any nook and corner of a commercial complex or building. In places like restaurants, they can wreak havoc and even shut down kitchens. It is therefore necessary to have a rat exclusion plan in place for any commercial business operating in the GTA.

Commercial Services for Possum Exclusion

Possums are a nuisance for any city or municipality as most of the possums meet their ends on the roads and sometimes even cause accidents. It is therefore imperative for city governments to be ready to tackle this nuisance and challenge caused by possums. Be it city garbage bins, or parks and compost areas, the city government needs to have a possum removal strategy in place especially for summer months.

Commercial Wildlife Removal

We are animal removal experts and provide services to remove wildlife in the Greater Toronto Area. Once your business identifies the animal nuisance, we’re here to help. Our humane animal trapping and removal services can proactively remove any wildlife within the business premises and help remove rotting, dead animals within the building.

Wildlife Pro specializes in Commercial Wildlife Exclusion Services in Toronto and the GTA, providing expert solutions from our location at 18 King St E Suite #1400, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4.

Commercial Wildlife Removal

    Animal Management Services for Businesses and Commercial Centres

    Our end-to-end animal management services include:

    1. Wildlife inspection
    2. Animal capture
    3. Animal control
    4. Wildlife removal
    5. Wildlife relocation

    Our services also help to identify potential new entry points for the animals and take proactive steps to seal and monitor those entry points. With Wildlife Pro, you are in control of outlining the scope and frequency of the service.

    Other Industries and Businesses We Serve

    Wildlife Removal for Large Commercial Office Buildings

    A monthly service schedule is required to control pests and critters in all common areas, garbage facilities, maintenance, and electrical rooms. Exterior programs are also necessary to control mice and rats.

    Wildlife Removal for Warehouses

    Warehouses provide many places for pests and animals to hide which create unique challenges when servicing this type of property. With the variety of inventory stored, proper placement of rodent/insect devices is vital not only for pest control, but also to reduce potential damages.

    Wildlife Removal for Industrial Facilities

    An industrial facility should always be free from any wildlife activity as it is a safety risk for the workforce. An animal-free facility is important to protect all incoming and warehoused inventories as well as the finished products. We will work with you to determine the solution that will meet or exceed any regulatory agency, audit, or standards that apply to you.

    Wildlife Removal for Medical Facilities

    Wildlife in any healthcare facility like medical clinics, dentistry, test labs, or even waiting rooms in hospitals is a breach of hygiene standards. Around-the-clock activity, plenty of patient rooms ,and an abundance of storage areas create unique animal control challenges. We’ll put a custom animal control plan together for you that is safe for your patients and is highly effective.

    Wildlife Removal for Manufacturing Facilities

    A manufacturing facility works around the clock to deliver products to its customers. Any closure due to animal interference is not only costly for the manufacturing facility, but may also affect the quality of the products being produced. It is therefore important to have a customised animal removal plan in place in case you suspect an infestation.

    Wildlife Removal for Restaurants

    Restaurants are very susceptible to rat infestations which can shut down kitchens and even lead to the closure of the business. It is important that restaurant owners plan for such infestations and take proper action to build a wildlife exclusion plan which can prevent rats from building nests in the workplace. We provide wildlife exclusion and removal services for all types of restaurants including, but not limited to, Thai, Chinese, Indian, Greek, and Italian.


    How much does wildlife removal cost?

    The cost of wildlife removal depends on three factors:

    1. Extent of wildlife in your commercial property
    2. Size of your affected premises
    3. Type of wildlife removal service

    Do you remove dead animals?

    Yes, we provide dead animal removal services. We also remove the carcass so that you don’t have to.

    Do you provide wildlife removal for hospitals?

    Yes, we provide wildlife removal for hospitals. Our services do not interfere with your patient appointments, and we make sure that we remove wildlife without affecting normal hospital operations.

    Do you provide wildlife removal for offices?

    Yes, we provide wildlife removal and exclusion services for offices.

    Do you remove wildlife from hotels?

    Yes, we remove wildlife from hotels including areas like hotel kitchens, hotel basements, hotel roofs, and more.

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