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Use specific removal techniques to get rid of raccoons by Wildlife Pro specialists. Some people think raccoons are very cute. Some people say they are pests. But raccoons are everywhere, whether you love them or hate them. They live in houses, trees, and even under bridges.

Raccoons are very good at finding food. They will eat anything, from trash to dead animals on the road to bird’s nests. In fact, they are very smart animals that can quickly learn new tricks. But because they are smart, they also tend to be animals that cause trouble.

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You Might Not Know About These Problems With Raccoons

In cities, raccoons are a common problem. In fact, there are many reasons why you might want to keep raccoons away from your home and property. But what about the risks raccoons pose to your health? Here are some things about these furry little animals that you probably didn’t know.

1. Diseases can be spread by raccoons

Raccoons carry bacteria, viruses, parasites, and even organisms that cause disease, like Ehrlichia ruminantium, which causes heartwater, just like people do. Cattle, goats, sheep, and deer can also get sick from this parasite.

2. Raccoons are aggressive

Don’t try to scare a raccoon away if you see one in your yard. Instead, call the animal management service in your area. They can help by catching the raccoons and getting rid of them from your property.

3. Raccoons can create problems by damaging your home

You might not think a raccoon living under your house’s deck boards will do much damage. Raccoons, on the other hand, can chew through electrical wires and start fires. They can also break down fences and dig holes in yards to get into places where food is stored.

Some Things You Might Know About, but Have Ignored

Raccoons love to go through your trash. They are smart enough to find hidden food, and they will find a way to eat anything you throw away. Don’t put anything in your trash can that might attract them if you want to keep your house clean. Keep trash can lids closed and secure them tightly.

Should You Try to Get Rid of Raccoons on Your Own?

Raccoons are animals that come out at night and live in groups. They are known to have rabies and spread it to people, pets, and farm animals. In fact, raccoons are often found in places where there are reports of rabies. If you come across one or more of these animals, don’t try to take care of the situation yourself. Instead, get help from a trained professional in animal pest control.

Many people like having raccoons around their homes, but they can hurt your house and garden. For instance, raccoons often dig under decks and porches, making holes that let water into the house. This makes the wood rot and lets mold grow. Raccoons can also eat plants and destroy gardens. Last, they can bite and scratch children and pets.

Call a professional exterminator if you want to keep raccoons away from your home. They can get rid of these pests quickly and without hurting them.

Raccoon Deterrents

The best way to keep raccoons from coming into your house is to keep them from coming onto your property in the first place. A good way to keep them away is to put tight lids on trash cans and use plastic bags or aluminum foil to cover food bowls. There are other things you can do to keep raccoons from coming to your house.

Reduce the Number of Places Where Raccoons Could Nest

Experts on raccoon removal and control say it’s important to get rid of food sources that are easy for raccoons to get to, like bird feeders, trash cans, compost bins, and pet food bowls. After you get rid of these things, you should make sure there aren’t any easy-to-reach places where raccoons could build their dens. This includes places like under decks, on porches, in sheds, and in garages.

Once you’ve gotten rid of easy-to-find food, you’ll probably want to make it harder for them to get to possible den sites. Raccoons won’t stay around for long if they don’t have a place to nest and sleep.

If you can, try to get rid of trees and bushes that grow near your house. Raccoons don’t like being near windows, so clearing away bushes and shrubs and cutting down branches that hang over them will help keep them away.

Raccoons have been around since the time of the dinosaurs. They are smart and cunning animals that often use their smarts to stay alive. But when they get too used to living near us, they can cause damage to property and even attack people.

Wildlife Pro is Here to Help You

Wildlife Pro is one of the best companies for getting rid of wildlife pests. Their experts care about keeping animals out of your home or property. We are experts at getting rid of wild animals and trapping them in all kinds of situations. We’ll eliminate the access to entry so the animals that are a problem can’t get in.

Wildlife Pro Can Help in Several Ways

Identify: We will talk to you about your animal pest problem and give you a free quote. At that point, you can set up a time for a removal service to come to your home.

Trap and remove: Our trained experts will get rid of and move annoying wildlife in a kind way. Services for removing raccoons and getting rid of dead animals follow all the rules and laws of the area. Once the animals have been taken care of, we will clean and clear the areas to make sure you are safe.

Prevent and exclude: Existing entry holes that have been created by animals will be fixed. Also, all possible entry points will be sealed off to stop future infestations. We promise that you’ll be happy.

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