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An animal invasion can cause immeasurable damage to your property and health. But most critters are just looking for food and shelter. We take a humane approach to wildlife removal, trapping, control, and prevention. We can safely remove animal pests and prevent them from returning. We also provide for the safe and hygienic removal of animal waste and remains that may have resulted from the animal pest spending their final moments on your property. Our team members are fully licensed and have years of experience dealing with a range of Canadian wildlife.

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Rodent Removal in Gwillimbury

Some animal pests can quickly scale buildings and get through holes as small as dimes. Even as they infiltrate your property, they can be challenging to locate. Their droppings and bites can prove lethal as well. We come equipped with safety equipment and traps that can lure them right to us.

Gwillimbury Raccoon Removal

If some pet food is missing from your cupboards or you see a trail of animal dung in your kitchen, you may have a raccoon problem. These animals can attack if provoked, but our team is experienced enough to remove them quickly and humanely.

Bird Removal in Gwillimbury

Some Canadian bird species are highly endangered and may attack anyone who gets too close to their nests. We are familiar with all common species that can invade properties, and are trained to use efficient and legal methods to remove them. Call us to schedule our bird net installation service (not a same-day service).

Possum Removal in Gwillimbury

Possums can give birth to several young at once, leading to a severe infestation. While they don’t carry rabies, they may carry spotted fever, relapsing fever, toxoplasmosis, and more deadly diseases. Our team can locate and remove these critters without harming them and will work to reverse the damage they may have left behind.

Squirrel Removal in Gwillimbury

Red and grey squirrels are common in parks and do not belong indoors. They can do immense damage by clawing your furniture, biting through parts of your building, and even damaging the insulation. Rather than depending on DIY solutions, call Wildlife Pro, and we will remove them for you.

Skunk Removal in Gwillimbury

Skunks can dig up your yard and prized flowers and spray a liquid that is notoriously difficult to remove. Whether you have one skunk or a whole family, our team can track, trap, and remove all of them quickly and efficiently. We come equipped with safety gear that protects us from attacks.

Gwillimbury Bat Removal

Guano or bat droppings are toxic and can cause diseases. Plus, many species carry deadly diseases and viruses, so your family may be in danger. We can get them out and keep them out without harming them or your property.

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Besides humane wildlife removal, we also offer exclusion services—we can seal up all entry points, so those critters won’t invade again! Subscribe to our monthly services to save money if you have a recurring wildlife issue. All our services come with warranties, and we also offer a lifetime warranty to builders and renovation companies.

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