Wildlife Removal Services in Maple

When animal pests make themselves at home, removal can get tricky and dangerous. At Wildlife Pro, we offer same-day wildlife removal services for residential and commercial setups in Maple, Ontario.

We Remove All Kinds of Animal Pests and Wildlife

We have years of experience removing animal pests and small animals from homes in Maple, Ontario, which can otherwise cause thousands of dollars worth of damages. Some of them include the following:

Racoon Removal and Trapping Services

Raccoons have sharp teeth, claws, and a mean attitude. If left unchecked, these animal pests can cause irreparable harm to your property, family members, pets, and colleagues. But they are just trying to survive.
We use humane methods and traps to capture these critters before releasing them into their natural habitat, so they don’t return.

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Squirrel Removal and Trapping Services

Squirrels have babies quickly when they find nesting spots on your property. They also have sharp teeth and claws that do short work of shingles, wood, and even metal. Removing them from those nooks and crannies can be dangerous, even if you can locate their nests.
Our expert wildlife removal technicians come equipped with safety gear, traps, and other equipment for safe and quick removal.

Possum Removal and Trapping Services

The best way to get rid of possums is to eliminate their food source. But that is easier said than done in households and if your trash cans are usually packed.
We understand how to trap and remove nocturnal animal pests such as possums using humane methods. Our expert teams will also provide tips that can prevent future infestations.

Bird Removal and Trapping Services

Whether you have small or predatory birds roosting in or on your property, our wildlife pest control experts will do a thorough job.
We can carefully remove birds, nests, eggs, and chicks using patented capture gear designed for their removal. Our removal experts will first evaluate the extent of the invasion before creating a custom removal strategy. We also offer bird netting installation services to keep birds away from your property (not a same-day service).

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Balcony Bird Netting-

Rodent Removal and Trapping Services

At Wildlife Pro, we have extensive experience removing and trapping common rodent species that can quickly become pests. These include house mice, Norway rats, roof rats, and deer mice, among other rodents.

Skunk Removal and Trapping Services

Skunks can make themselves at home quickly, leaving your property a stinking mess in the process. They also spray a nasty deterrent if they are threatened.
Our wildlife removal experts in Maple, Ontario, know how to capture skunks and their pups using industry-proven bait and trapping methods.

Bat Removal Services

Ontario has over seven different bat species, each with different habits. As per the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, it is illegal to kill bats even if they invade your home or office. The Little Brown Bat is endangered and is notorious for infiltrating properties.
We use only humane methods to remove these animal pests from the premises before releasing them into protected areas.

Wildlife Removal Services You Can Trust – At a Great Price!

We offer wildlife trapping and removal services for home and business owners across Maple, Ontario, complete with warranties to renovation companies and builders. This includes a subscription-based service for customers with frequent pest problems.
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