Wildlife Removal Services in Concord

At Wildlife Pro, we understand how disruptive animal pests and wildlife invasions can be. Avoid injuries with our guaranteed wildlife removal and prevention services. We use industry-leading techniques and equipment that is efficient and humane.

Wildlife Pro Removes Unwanted Pests and Wildlife and Stops Them From Returning!

Wildlife Removal Services We Offer

We offer same-day removal services in Concord, Ontario, for the following:

Raccoon Removal Services

Our wildlife specialists understand that raccoons can get feisty during removal efforts. We will first conduct a thorough inspection to determine the extent of the infestation by looking for paw prints, raccoon droppings, and large openings around your attic or crawl spaces.

Our technicians will seal all entry points around your premises. Raccoons can have rabies, so removing them from your property ASAP should be a priority.


Possums Removal Services

Possums can have 13 babies in a single litter, which means you may have a larger infestation than you realize. As omnivores, they can eat anything, so your trash is an all-you-can-eat buffet for them.

These critters can infiltrate a property through entry points such as holes and gaps. We can track and address these spots before locating these critters and removing them from your property.

Possums Exclusion Services

Birds Removal Services

Whether you have pigeons, starlings, sparrows, or any other feathered pests nesting in your attic or anywhere around the premises, we can remove them safely. Our removal experts understand that most species are protected under the Migratory Birds Convention Act and use only humane removal measures.

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Rat Removal Services

Rats can cause serious health issues and do extensive damage in days. Our expert removal technicians use industry-leading methods to locate where these are getting in, block those spots, and locate burrows and nests inside. Get same-day services today!

Skunks Removal Services

These nocturnal pests do more than leave an odour. The sulphuric spray can cause nausea and vomiting and cannot be removed with garden-variety cleaning products. They also have sharp nails and teeth that can cause serious injuries.

Our skunk removal experts are equipped with tools and safety gear that ensures their safety as they remove these pests from the premises.

Bats Removal Services

Bats can get into your home or office through gaps and cracks as small as a dime, especially in the winter when they hibernate.

After removing these animal pests, we can prevent them from returning by placing bat exclusion devices in popular roosting areas around the premises.

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Rodents Removal Services

At Wildlife Pro, we have the equipment, expertise, and appropriate licenses to remove a range of rodent species from your home. We understand that each species is unique and will create a custom removal solution that can have long-lasting results.

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Why You Should Choose Wildlife Pro

Besides providing top-quality wildlife removal services in Concord, Ontario, our services stand out  because we also offer the following:

  • Commercial services for business areas.
  • Bird netting installation (not same-day service).
  • Warranties on all pest control and wildlife removal services.
  • Lifetime warranty to builders and renovation companies.
  • Subscription-based services.

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    Wildlife Removal Services in Concord

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