Wildlife Removal Services in Etobicoke

Suburban Etobicoke is home to several lakefront parks, golf courses, and vast Centennial Park, with a conservatory featuring tropical plants. The 1830s Montgomery’s Inn has a museum, tea room, and pub and hosts a weekly farmers’ market. Wildlife Trapping, eviction, exclusion, and clean-up are just some of the services we offer to property owners in need of wildlife control in Etobicoke.

Raccoon Removal Services in Etobicoke

We offer humane raccoon removal services in Etobicoke to protect your house or commercial properties against raccoons. If raccoons are causing damage to your attic, wall or yard, or if they’re just being a hassle, call our raccoon removal experts in Etobicoke right now!

Etobicoke Squirrel Removal Services

Our yards may look like a playground for squirrels leaping from tree to tree, but they are actually masters of damage.
They have extreme destructive potential, and removal and repair costs incurred by squirrels cost the economy billions of dollars each year.
For those who have an infestation or simply wish to protect their property from Squirrels, our squirrel exterminators will do just that for you at a competitive rates in Etobicoke.

Possum Removal Services in Etobicoke Area

Possums, as adorable as they are, are often the reason behind your sleepless nights. Opposums hissing, scratching, and fighting in the middle of the night and the garbage and destruction they leave behind can be painful.

However, if you don’t take action, possum damage will only worsen and cost you more money in the long run. Our Possum exterminators in Etobicoke will help you to get rid of possums and also help you with possum exclusion services at an affordable rates.

Etobicoke Birds Removal Services, Bird Netting Installation & Services

Our wildlife specialist will install Netting and screening meshes on the balcony and secure the vents and chimney caps if necessary. Bird Netting Installation & Service:

Wildlife Pro is specialized in bird control, bird netting for balconies in buildings & commercial properties.

Etobicoke Birds Removal Services by Wildlife Pro Etobicoke Birds Removal Services by Wildlife Pro

Rats/rodents Removal Services in Etobicoke, Ontario

You should do everything in your power to keep rodents out of your house since they are the most common unannounced and unwanted visitors.

If you hear any weird scratching noises in your attic, you may have a rat problem. As a result of our Rodent Exterminators many years of experience and training in Etobicoke, we are capable of removing them from your house with ease.


Etobicoke Skunk Removal Services

Animals such as skunks should not be allowed to live near your home because of their rather awful odour. If you suspect skunks are invading your property in Etobicoke, call us for humane skunk removal at an affordable cost.

Competitive Bat Removal Services Cost

No matter how cute or terrifying you find bats to be, it would be best if you never let them stay around your home. Before the situation spirals out of control due to the spiralling bats, you must take decisive action.

If you suspect your home in Etobicoke has become a home to a family of bats, please let us know, our bar exterminators will come to your place and remove them at an affordable cost.

Professional Exclusion Services in Etobicoke

When animals are removed, much more than just some damage and an unpleasant smell is left behind.

So why not leave the cleaning and exclusion jobs to our team of experts instead of tackling them on your own? To ensure your safety and comfort, we’ll remove the critters, clean and sterilize the area after that, and ensure that wildlife never makes it to your home again.

Contact us at (647) 531-9060 right away to learn more about our services.

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