Expert Wildlife Removal Services in Ajax

Sightings of wild animals are common if you live in Ajax. You eventually get used to seeing them roaming around. However, it can become a problem when they get inside your home and damage your property or possessions.

Wildlife Pro has assembled a team of professionals who provide effective wildlife control services for a reasonable price so that you’re not worried about anything harming you in your own home.

No More Raccoons in Your Home in Ajax

Raccoons on your property mean property damage, diseases, awful smell, and so much more. If a raccoon gets intimated, it may also try to attack you. So, if you are an Ajax resident who has just encountered a raccoon in your backyard, immediately call our wildlife experts in Ajax.

Our trained professional wildlife removers ensure the safe and humane removal of raccoons from your home, backyard, and our exclusion services ensure they never enter your property again.

Ajax Possums Removal

Once a rare problem, possums have now become a common nightmare for the residents of Ajax.

We have specialists with years of experience in possum removal in an environmentally-friendly way. They know what to do to keep possums out of your yard and what to do to make them stay in the wild.

Bird Removal and Prevention Services in Ajax

Are bird droppings ruining the aesthetics of your home? Don’t worry, we are here to help!

Our trained staff guarantees that all birds and nests are safely removed from your home. We also take measures to ensure re-entry to keep your home safe, clean and protected.

Rodents and Rat Removal from Your Home in Ajax

One of the worst things in life is encountering a rat infestation at home. They destroy your property and bring so many bacteria and germs. Rats are a severe health hazard.

Our team is experienced in Rat Removal and Prevention Services in Ajax with years of industry experience.

Our trained staff carries out a successful and environment-friendly rat removal process to prevent any chance of future infestation of the rats.

Squirrel Removal from Your Attic

Finding out your bird feeder has been destroyed is an injunction that squirrels have raided your house. The constant noises and mess squirrels create in your home are intolerable.

We specialize in Squirrel removal and exclusion services in Hamilton. The prevention methods ensure that the squirrels never find their way back to your home again.

The methods used for removing squirrels are safe and effective and cause no damage to squirrels during the entire process of removal and prevention.

Get Rid of Bats from Your Home

Rats are unwelcome guests who often make unwanted appearances in your home. They are hazardous pests that can sneak into your home through tiny cracks. They can destroy your belongings and spread life-threatening illness.

Our staff is adept at removing all signs of a rat infestation from your home safely. We also offer exclusion services to seal any cracks and prevent rats from making their way into your home again.

Skunk Removal in Ajax

Skunks are synonymous with the stink, and their smell is often the first thing that springs to mind.

If you’re sick of wild skunks prowling about your yard or having to breathe their foul odours all the time, there’s no need to stress. People may count on our crew to handle stray skunks and keep them away from their properties.



Professional Wildlife Exclusion Services to Prevent any re-entering or nesting in Ajax

The prevention services with warranty are also available to residence of Ajax, due to wildlife infestation, we like to offer our wildlife exclusions services with life time warranty, please contact our sales team to learn more about it.

Spotted a wild animal? Call us immediately so we can set you up with your first appointment!

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