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If you reside in Richmond Hill, Ontario, you are likely to see wild animals on a regular basis. You may even become accustomed to seeing them around Yonge or Bayview Street. However, it might become an issue if they get into your houses and destroy your property or personal belongings. Wildlife control services are provided by Wildlife Pro so that you don't have to worry about the safety of your own home.

Get Rid of Raccoons from Your Home in Richmond Hill

Raccoons may look adorable on the outside, but just because they seem friendly doesn’t mean you can treat them as if they’re not dangerous. When provoked, raccoons are vicious predators that may attack or bite. The bites and scrapes of these creatures can spread a wide variety of diseases.

Raccoons can be dangerous, but our Wildlife Pro team is trained in raccoon removal and will take care of the problem before you are hurt.

Get Rid of Squirrels from Your Attic or Walls

If squirrels make their way into your homes, it doesn’t take long to replace their food with wiring, furniture, and food in the ceiling, attic or even walls. It can be a significant problem if not solved on a priority basis, so if you hear noises that you don’t know the source, probably it’s a wildlife trying to make nest or give a birth!
We employ safe methods to rid your properties of squirrels and restore them to a healthy and secure state.

Get Rid of Possums from Your backyard in Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill does see a few possums here and there, but they’re not as prevalent as in other places.
Our wildlife professionals have years of experience dealing with possum removal in Richmond Hill, Ontario and have been doing it for quite some time now. They know how to get possums out of your yard and help them thrive in their natural surroundings rather than in your home.

Get Rid of Birds Nesting and Bird Droppings from Your Home in Richmond Hill

Has it frequently begun to feel like you live in the middle of the forest because of the racket birds make every morning? Have you found twigs and droppings seemingly appearing out of nowhere in your home? These are indications that a bird has made itself at home at your property.

Using our services, you won’t have to worry about hurting the birds in the process. Our Wildlife Pros will take care of the removing the bird nests and sanitization. It won’t take long for your house to be peaceful and relaxing again!

Rodents Control Services in Richmond Hill

Mice and Rats are among the most frequent intruders on your property. Small holes and crevices are enough for dangerous pests to enter your home. They’re capable of destroying your possessions and spreading potentially fatal diseases. If you leave your garage open unattendance, there is a chance that you see a small mouse sneaks in and start living there!

Our team knows how to securely eradicate any evidence of a rat infestation from your house. To prevent rats from re-entering your homes, we also offer exclusion services.

Skunk Removal in Richmond Hill

Skunks are synonymous with the stink, and their smell is often the first thing that springs to mind.

If you’re sick of wild skunks prowling about your yard or having to breathe their foul odours all the time, there’s no need to stress. People may count on our crew to handle stray skunks and keep them away from their properties.

Bat Removal Services for Your Home

People don’t want bats flying about their homes!

In the event of a bat infestation in your house, you can rely on our staff to get the job done right the first time around.

Professional Wildlife Exclusion Services to Prevent any re-entering or nesting in Richmond Hill

The prevention services with warranty are also available to residence of Richmond Hill, due to wildlife infestation, we like to offer our wildlife exclusions services with life time warranty, please contact our sales team to learn more about it.

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