Wildlife Control and Prevention Services in Scarborough

Scarborough is a large, multicultural area that contains the Scarborough Bluffs, huge cliffs overlooking Lake Ontario, lined with parks, beaches, and hiking trails, so it is expected to Wildlife entering your backyards and gardens and even inside the property. When wild animals make their way to your home, they do not just threaten your family and loved ones but also cause destruction of your furniture and property.

When it comes to professional wildlife removal and exclusion services in Scarborough, Wildlife Pro is a trusted name. With their quick and same-day services and affordable rates, Wildlife Pro is an excellent choice when it comes to getting rid of wildlife from your properties.

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No More Raccoons in Your Home in Scarborough

Raccoons on your property mean property damage, diseases, awful smell, and so much more. If a raccoon gets intimated, it may also try to attack you. So, if you are a Scarborough resident who has just encountered a raccoon in your backyard, immediately call our wildlife experts in Scarborough.

Our trained professional wildlife removers ensure the safe and humane removal of raccoons from your home, backyard, and our exclusion services ensure they never enter your property again.

Scarborough Squirrels Removal

Squirrels do not just attack your bird feeder but also sneakily steal food from your pantry. Don’t be fooled by their cute demeanour; get rid of a squirrel for good!

Call us for Scarborough professional squirrel removal and exclusion services at an affordable price. Say goodbye to squirrels forever.

Possums Control in Scarborough

Ask anyone in Scarborough; possums are nothing but a nightmare!

Thankfully with our expert professionals, we can help you get rid of possums from your property in a safe and environmentally-friendly way.

Bird Netting and Birds Removal Services in Scarborough

Birds need to be where they belong, out in the open, not in your house. If you see bird feces around your attic or balcony, it is time for an intervention and sending these little birdies away.

We offer removal of birds and bird nests from your home safely and effectively. Our professional exclusion services prevent these birds from making home inside your home again, call us for bird netting installation & services.

Living in Scarborough? No More Rat/Rodents in Your Home

Rats and rodents are commonly found in Scarborough homes, but thankfully there’s a way to get rid of them.

Our professional rats/rodents extermination services ensure the complete removal of rats/rodents from your property in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Skunks Control Services in Scarborough

If you see a wild skunk anywhere near your Scarborough home, straight away, call for help.

Before you get attacked by a skunk or fall victim to an awful skunk spray in Scarborough, our team of professional exterminators will ensure the safe removal of skunks from your property in Scarborough.
Skunks Control Services in Scarborough

Bats Exterminators in Scarborough

Finding bats in your home is not just scary but also quite dangerous. Leave it to us!

We will ensure the safe and humane removal of bats from your property in Scarborough, and with our exclusion services, you can be assured that these wild animals won’t ever be able to make it inside your home again.

Professional Exclusion Services in Scarborough

If you are looking for professional exclusion services in Scarborough, call Wildlife Pro right away. From professional extermination to exclusion services – we are experts in all! Our exclusion services include fence installations, building barriers, wall blockages, bird netting and more to ensure that wildlife remains in the wild only.

Call at (647) 531-9060 to book an appointment now.

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