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Lifetime Warranty Wildlife Exclusion Service -A service for new builds and homeowners who are planning major renovations

Many of our customers are aware of our wildlife control and removal services that also incorporate exclusion services. Wildlife exclusion is the practice of preventing unwanted animal pests from accessing a property or structure. Animal pests common to our area can include raccoons, squirrels, opossums, birds, rats, skunks, and bats, among others.

A major renovation may involve opening the home up to possible entry by wildlife. In addition, construction projects will often cause a disturbance in areas that wildlife naturally inhabits. This disturbance may cause the animals to temporarily relocate.

A lifetime wildlife exclusion service will cover animal pests at the beginning, middle, and end of construction as well as monitor for future possible intrusions. Animals that relocated during construction may be tempted to return after a month or in the course of a few seasons. As their behaviour depends on many environmental factors, a lifetime warranty encompasses work that may be needed at any time in the future.

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Animal pest damage

Numerous animals, including squirrels, bats, rodents, and others, can cause significant damage to houses, businesses, and other structures. To get access to attics and eaves, they chew holes in siding, soffits, and fascia. Once inside, they create their own nests using the insulation material from the house, frequently jeopardising the insulation’s thermal performance. They may enter through vents and chimneys and nest above the fireplace damper, or they may emerge directly from the fireplace into your living room or workstation.

Certain wildlife pests have been known to enter homes through the walls, gnawing “freeways” through the insulation and wreaking havoc. Worse yet, animals nesting in attics or walls can nibble on electrical wiring, posing a potential fire hazard and causing significant damage.

What is wildlife exclusion and how does it work?

While removing an invasive animal from your property may resolve your immediate issue, it does nothing to address the source of the intrusion. To avoid encountering the same issue in the future, you’ll need to determine how the intruder gained access to your home in the first place. That is where exclusion enters the picture.

Our professionals identify every conceivable entry point for wildlife into your house or business, or onto your property. These access locations might range from a crack beneath some torn weather stripping to a hole in the siding, depending on the animal pest. Whatever it is, we’ll track it down and ensure it’s never used again by wildlife.

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The technicians employ a number of instruments and tactics to deter and eliminate wildlife from your property. We may do the following during any home or business animal exclusion process:

  • To deter pests from returning, apply non-toxic animal repellents to vulnerable locations. Chemicals, electricity, sound, or physical barriers may be used as repellents.
  • Eliminate potentially dangerous animal waste or by products left behind by the problem animals.
  • Identify areas of your home that may be particularly appealing to animal pests and devise a strategy to combat that attractiveness.
  • Over bigger access sites, install physical barriers such as gates, netting, chimney caps, fence, or wire mesh. This involves patching holes in siding and roof shingles, as well as sealing cracks and gaps around doors, windows, and screens.
  • Make small structural fixes that wildlife may use to gain access to your property.
  • To prevent further entrance points, replace damaged wood trim with new materials.
  • Eliminate musk, pheromones, and other animal secretions that may attract additional wildlife to your property.
  • Remove and, if necessary, relocate animal nests, dens, and burrows safely.

Common Exclusion Services

  • Applying chew-resistant caulking around windows and doors.
  • Chimney capping.
  • Covering roof vents and power fans.
  • Sealing areas around pipes and wires that enter the home.
  • Installing buried wire and underground fencing.
  • Patching soffits, dormer corners, roof junctions, siding and roof holes with aluminum flashing and caulking to match the existing aesthetic.
  • Screening gable vents and soffit vents.
  • Installing bird netting on balconies and other accessible areas.
  • Setting traps and discussing reducing or removing tree cover (especially concerning bats).

Why exclusion is important

Exclusion of wildlife not only resolves your current animal problem; it also prevents future problems. When given the opportunity, nesting and burrowing animals tend to return to the same locations year after year. Exclusion helps prevent this from occurring, ensuring that your property remains free of wildlife problems in the long run.

Exclusion is the cure when Wildlife Pro treats the symptoms of a wildlife infestation. It avoids future costly harm and eliminates the need for animals to be imprisoned in the first place, making it the most compassionate approach.

Wildlife Pro is at your service

Wildlife Pro is a leading wildlife control company, with experts who care about protecting your home or property from unwanted animals. We specialize in wildlife control and trapping services for all kinds of properties. We’ll close the entry points, so the animal pests don’t get in.

Call in Wildlife Pro to:

  • Identify: We will discuss your animal pest problem and provide you with a free estimate. At that time, you can schedule an in-person visit to receive removal services.
  • Trap and remove: Our trained specialists will humanely remove and relocate nuisance wildlife. Raccoon removal services and dead animal disposal is done according to local laws and standards. When the animal pests have been removed, we will expertly clean and clear the affected areas to ensure your safety.
  • Prevent and exclude: Damage made to existing entry holes will be repaired. As well, to prevent future infestation, all potential entry points will be secured. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Why work with us?

We are a fully licensed and insured operation with expert full-time technicians to take care of any wildlife and animal issues you may have. We offer safe and humane animal removal services in the Greater Toronto Area by qualified professionals who are experienced in animal control and specific removal techniques. Call the leader in wildlife management services and animal removal today!