Professional Squirrel Removal Services in Toronto

Squirrel Exclusion Services in Toronto

Squirrels are a nuisance since they eat many different kinds of food and can be found in and near houses and gardens.

They can dig holes in your garden to bury their food, such as nuts, acorns, and other seeds, ruining your garden’s soil and grass. More problems can arise if they decide to nibble on telephone lines or timber or enter houses and attics.

Aside from being a common host for fleas, mites, and other ectoparasites, squirrels may also spread illness to humans.

That may possibly become a major issue if it is not addressed as soon as possible.

Here are a few ways you can try your hand at excluding wildlife.

Tip 1: Changing Their Environment 

Since squirrels move about in the day, they can be easily spotted if they have made it inside your yard.

The movement of squirrels about the yard might be slowed by trimming back trees that are near roofs or are close to telephone cables. Any method that may be used to make a garden less tempting to squirrels should be employed.

Tip 2: Exclusion 

Preventing tree squirrels from entering structures requires screening or covering all possible entrance sites, including tiny openings beneath the trees and overlapping roof sections. Since they often enter at around the height of a telephone pole, power line, or fence top, this makes sense. Once they find a crack, they can extend it by nibbling it further using their large and specialized teeth.

Tip 3: Setting Bait/Traps

You should track the squirrels’ movements to pinpoint the best locations for the traps. Locations in trees and on rooftops work well.

Find the traps and set them up so they cannot be triggered accidentally. Set the traps up with bait, but do not trigger them for a few days so the squirrels may become accustomed to them. Once the squirrels become used to them and stop avoiding them, you can trigger them to trap them and remove them safely.

Squirrel Control Services in Toronto

Seek Out Help From Experts!

If all else fails, you can try your hand at getting help from professional wildlife management companies.

Exterminating and discouraging future pest animal infestations are two of Wildlife Pro’s specialties.

Our exterminators discover the animals’ points of entry and seal them up. The animals are handled and removed carefully, without harming them, as it is against the law.

Wildlife Pro uses humane techniques to get rid of squirrels in Toronto and get your property back to a safe and healthy condition.
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Why Choose Us for Squirrel Control and Exclusion in Toronto?

The exterminators at Wildlife Pro are skilled and licensed to perform these effective procedures for each specific animal.

The procedure reduces the likelihood that the same or a similar animal would invade again and deters the animal from staying on the property.

When compared to other programs, exclusion ultimately proves to be more effective, affordable, and humane. To that end, we are focusing our resources on two primary concerns: eradicating the squirrels and preventing them from returning.

We understand how important it is to get rid of a squirrel as soon as possible if it finds its way into your home. When you contact us, we can schedule an appointment within hours that will put your mind at ease.

So, call Toronto’s top wildlife removal service now!