New Toronto Bylaw Prohibits the Feeding of Wildlife on Public or Private Property

Feeding of Wildlife

As of April 1, a new city bylaw has come into effect that prohibits the feeding of wildlife on both public and private property in Toronto. This law is intended to protect both animals and humans from the risks associated with feeding wildlife, such as increased proximity, damage to property, and the spread of disease.

The dangers of feeding wildlife are both to animals and humans alike. This has been seen recently by way of adverse encounters with coyotes and foxes, where these animals have become more accustomed to people due to the expectation of food. As a result of this, they often approach closer and show more interest due to the possibility of receiving a reward.

Feeding of Wildlife

Songbirds Have Received an Exemption

However, songbirds are exempt from the ban, and people who wish to feed them are encouraged to do so responsibly. The city is primarily focused on education and does not want to be heavy-handed with fines.

This allowance is in line with other areas, as long as the bird feeder is kept clean and does not attract other creatures. This means that fallen food must be collected, the feeder container must be washed every two weeks, and the food must be changed to avoid spoilage after rain and snow.

It requires extra effort, but if you don’t maintain your feeder, you could be inadvertently poisoning the very birds you hope to attract.

Interactions With Wildlife

The best approach to interacting with animals is to do so without disturbing them, and from a respectable distance. This is the surest path to safety. For the most part, it’s a good idea to maintain a certain level of distance between yourself and wildlife, as it will help to ensure everyone remains at peace.

You can still observe wildlife from a distance and enjoy their presence without compromising their or your well-being. By keeping your distance and not intruding on the animals’ domain, you will be able to witness nature’s beauty from afar.

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